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Tory Z Starbuck

Welcome to where the compasion ov stored emotion and surrealizm enters inner/outer space. Where all mediums ov art (excluding Linkletter) are not used az decoration or to make people feel festive, but iz created because it HAZ to be. It iz used to communicate the way chameleon lizards change colours and patterns to speak to each other. The way that architecture and furniture speak in code through frozen choreography. A world where one feels suspicious ov over-happy, uplifting muzik and art, just to make one relax. Real artmagic iz made by individuals az an alternative to depression, violence and insanity. It haz to be created by one that haz been there in the first place. One that lives teetering on the balance beam ov sanity/insanity. Picture if you will: John Cage, Miles Davis and Sun Ra had just enough change to make ONE phone call from God's payphone. When Robert Fripp took the call on Earth, he heard three excited voices persuading him to let David Bowie and Brian Eno become members ov King Crimson just long enough to caucasion rig an opera ov belly dance musique concrete.


Tory Z Starbuck

this fabric in time haz been ripped times.

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Unincorporated Vagus Nerve
a continuation of the Tory Starbuck vent
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Joes Camera
Joe the photographer likes to take pictures.(he eventually gives them back.)
St. Louis Concert and Water Treatment Plant
this is a great pipe to follow to find out about other st louis bands and artists lurking below the cobblestone streets
Tory Z Starbuck at MP3
Muzik to hear or download, photos, more info, etc.